Linen Flat Sheet Twin
Linen Flat Sheet Twin XL
Linen Flat Sheet Twin White
Linen Flat Sheet Twin XL White
Linen Flat Sheet Queen White
Linen Flat Sheet King White
Linen Flat Sheet Cal King White
Linen Flat Sheet Twin
Linen Flat Sheet Twin XL
Linen Flat Sheet Queen
Linen Flat Sheet Cal King
Linen Flat Sheet King
Linen Flat Sheet Twin XL
Linen Flat Sheet Twin
Linen Flat Sheet Queen
Linen Flat Sheet King
Linen Flat Sheet Cal King
Linen Flat Sheet Queen
Linen Flat Sheet King
Linen Flat Sheet Cal King
Linen Flat Sheet Twin
Linen Flat Sheet Twin XL
Linen Flat Sheet Queen
Linen Flat Sheet King
Linen Flat Sheet Cal King

Linen Flat Sheet

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Heaven for your sleep

Our softest linen Flat Sheet will make your bed more beautiful because of the unique texture and casual look!

Light and airy Flat Sheet made from 100% flax that is brilliantly breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic.
The breathability of our linen will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Linen can absorb 20% of its weight in moisture, it repels night's moisture caused by night sweats and offers protection against dust &  keeps symptoms to a minimum.
Additionally, linen is exceptionally strong, paying off in years of comfort and beauty.

Our Flat Sheet helps maintain your duvet cover from getting dirty and it is great for those that love a clean bed.

Ideal for clean sleep
With care,
Camelot Linen


  • 100% absolute finest flax

  • Soft, textured slubby fabric

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Oeko-Tex- verifies tested against harmful toxins and chemicals


Place the Linen Flat Sheet in your washing machine. Add a small amount of mild liquid detergent, and set on a gentle cycle. After the cycle ends, shake the pillowcases while they are wet to remove wrinkles and excess water, let them air out.

Please, notice: 

  • Wash items of similar color together and don’t overload your machine.

  • Dry naturally or machine dry on a cool setting.


At Camelot Linen, we ship products fast and with care, your order is processed and shipped on the same day if placed before 1 pm EST. 

Regular Shipping: 3-5 business days
Express Shipping: 1-3 business days

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Bring Comfort to Your Home

Camelot Linen is a place where everyone can find a variety of bedding products and home textiles.

With years of experience, our brand cares about every fibre made for your softer sleep. We use the best production practices whereby we fabricate ethically sourced linen for years to come. Safety and quality are our top priorities in creating effortless a beauty of the linen to bring comfort to every home.

We put the utmost care into every inch of fabric with the intention of giving our customers the best bedding sheets for your comfortable sleep. 

Choose Sustainably and Ethically Made Linens

The bed is a place where you spend a third of your life. Make sure that your linen beddings are safe for your family. Camelot Linen provides environmentally certified textiles without any harmful components manufactured under ethical and socially-conscious production practices.

That’s why we carefully select manufacturers that prioritise social and environmental responsibility in the same way we do.


Flax to linen journey

The sowing and harvesting of flax fibres are processed on farms in France and Belgium. Our producers care about the environment that is why they use ethical methods to grow our linens in a natural way - plant based glues adheres the flax fibres. It makes them softer due to the moisture. The bumpy and fuzzy shape gives our linen unique character which we proud of.


European quality linen for every home

We proudly that our flax linen is further processed and spun in to usable yarn in Guimaraes, Portugal from high-quality pure European French and Belgian flax. You’ll feel its soft texture from the first touch and you’ll love it. Our unique feature is to bring to your house clean and consciously produced bedding without any harmful chemicals or synthetics. To do so, we use the stone washing method - we wash our linens with natural stones to make them fresh and clean prior to use.


Ethical fabric dyeing

The next step is safely dyeing our linens by using innovative solutions to uphold the values of environmental consciousness in the textile production. We found sustainable alternatives to chemical dyes which makes our textiles safe for your body and eco-friendly for the environment. We use natural ingredients for dyeing our textiles and use less water and energy to make our production process more environmentally sustainable.


Feel Linens for All Body Types

Our natural breathable linens are made without any toxic materials certified by OEKO-TEX 100. Camelot Linen offers hypoallergenic sheets, towels and duvets, which are created with naturally sourced materials that keep mould and dust at bay. The feature tight-weave structure of our textiles eliminates dust mite access. With our linens, you’ll forget about allergies or any other threat to your health.

Our products are OEKO-TEX certified

Oeko-Tex is a worldwide independent testing and certification system, testing products for harmful substances.

All our products adhere to the standard & are tested for over 100 harmful chemicals during the screening process. 

Keeping you safe and confident about our brand.

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amazing LINEN sheets. linen!

Absolutely love these linen sheets for the price point. They are not cotton but it is diffrent fellings so if you haven't slept in linen sheets before please try it!

value - 5 stars!

These sheets are nothing short of amazing. At a fraction of the cost of other linen sheets yet still amazing quality, you really can't go wrong. The sheets don't stick to you at all, and are really just so comfortable. Yeah! Good value!

Perfect finish for shabby sleek look

It’s an absolutely perfect finish to the look I was trying to achieve in my bedroom. Linen, kind of farmhouse cozy.Great quality. Linen so it has that not perfectly ironed look which is exactly what I wanted. Love it.

Great quality

Lovely quality fabric, very happy with the purchase! Simple and elegant.