The Camelot Linen is From a Simple Idea to an Eco-Friendly Brand!

Hello dear customer, we are Victoria and Alex, we are a locally based, family-run business started back in 2014.

Before we started our business we realized there are no places where you can find a set of all you need - comfort, quality, safety and style. We kept coming across brands that offer linen basics with few color choices and nothing seemed to be enough for the current consumer market.

After a long search, we came up with the idea to make it happen through the big experience which we took from European high-class brands. Their simplicity expired us to make bedding sets attractive, functional and safe. Based on it, we went through many experiments with different fabrics and brands. We realized that simplicity is our core. And it becomes bigger when you add some creativity and taste. We made our own designs in various colors. We learnt more about our consumers and their specific needs.

Camelot Linen was born in our own bedroom with a few pieces of fabric of linen. Here is where the name of the company comes from. We made a few of our unique bedding sets for our best friends, and now it turned into a wide range of bath and bedding linen collections. Every year we have been adding more and more textiles with better quality and styles. We found it important that not only the quality matters but also the safety of production. We learnt more about ethical production and chose only safely sourced materials for our beddings. That is why we use only tested textiles with OEKO-TEX 100 standard. Our brand stands for your safety and great sleep. We want our customers to love sleep.

Victoria, Founder and CEO

Alex, Founder and CEO

Give Sweet Dreams Who Needs One

One of our main missions is to change this world for the better. We care for people who need our help. The Camelot Linen donates towards preserving the environment with every 10th bedding sold. We believe there are very helpful.

Let's make charity together.

Our Facilities

We operate our own manufacturing facility and ship all of our products from our warehousing facility located at: 620 A Street, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, 19801

Redecorate your home with our organic Breathable Linen or gorgeous Luxury Sateen and Premium Percale.

Our mission is to bring more comfort to your home and make your bed look dreamy. And we promise you you’ll fall in love with linen from us. Camelot Linen is a brand with a diverse assortment of natural and breathable textile bedding, created to be used and enjoyed every day. We are taking only natural textiles with various styles, colors and patterns.

Camelot Linen stands for sustainability and ethical production. We provide textiles produced with tested certified fabrics. All you need to know is that our bedding essentials are consciously manufactured with full transparency and love. Our manufacturers ensure their textiles are made with exceptional care and consideration for our environment and customers.

With years of experience, we believe that quality of sleep comes from products made with high-quality and safely-sourced materials that are built to last which will make our sleep better every night.

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