Premium Percale

Premium Percale


    Cotton Percale Bedding

    Cotton percale is the best type of bedding you could ever have on your bed, just because of its extreme breathability and endless softness. Cotton percale refers to luxury bedding for a number of reasons. It's the perfect fabric for layering a beautiful bedscape, especially if you want to add some special luxury notes to your bedding.

    Because of their unique structure, the percale is the popular choice of most sleepers in the summertime as the weave keeps you cool and comfortable overnight. And it's equally comfortable during the winter when your percale bedding sets with the warmest tog duvet to keep you cosy on cold nights. Moreover, the great balance of smoothness, softness and firmness makes percale the most desirable bedding nowadays.

    Cotton percale is a type of woven plain-weave fabric sourced mostly from long-staple cotton, but sometimes it is mixed with other materials such as synthetic, silk or rayon. In comparison to other luxury textiles, percale refers to low maintenance, - you need just wash it in a delicate wash cycle and always follow the care label recommendations. With the tight and durable weave, percale preserves the quality of the fabric with every washing. Moreover, your cotton percale sheets will become softer over time.