Pillowcases and Shams

    The pillowcase is the same as the actual pillow playing an essential role in your everyday sleep. There are two important factors you should take into account before you bought one - your skin sensitivity or tendency to allergies and the feeling you are expecting to get from your daily sleep.

    There are plenty amount of types the pillowcases made from different materials and components. If you are a big fan of silk, you might be looking for a place where to buy blissy pillowcases and asking why it’s so popular today. This type of cover is very similar to silk material - naturally hypoallergenic and it has temperature control spec which will make your sleep more comfortable and safe. 

    A good alternative - affordable and effective, to silk will be a sateen pillowcase made from 100% long-staple cotton which offers you a pleasant lustre and notes of luxury, and additionally, it gives plenty of benefits to your skin. The smooth surface of the sateen pillowcase prevents hair loss and its breakage and split-ends. High-quality sateen contains multiple amino acids which are retained moisture in the skin that prevents wrinkles on your face. 

    Most of the sateen pillowcases are made from pure silk which makes this material quite expensive and some people prefer to buy cheaper fibers with a satin weave.

    If you are not sure where to buy the sateen pillowcase  - visit our website and check our collection of pillowcases. We have them in different sizes, colours and materials. We sell a variety of options of different shams for pillows. 

    In all, if you are not a sateen, silk or any premium class bedding lover, you can always buy just a cheap white pillowcase with any soft material made from cotton or polyester. Any type of pillowcase could be enough if you feel comfortable and relaxed just to have a nice piece of fabric for your great sleep.