Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets


    Fitted Bed Sheets

    A fitted sheet is an essential part of your bed and it is important to find the right one for you. Basically, the fitted sheet is a cover for your mattress and it comes with a variety of specs such as quality, size, type of fabric and so on. 

    Most people prefer to buy sets of bedding and it usually includes basic sheets, which sometimes is enough for those who already have a great bundle of everything they need. However, if you buy fitted sheets individually you should think about the functionality of your bed, for that reason, the type of material is crucial here. 

    Among the many options of different beddings, we would recommend choosing linen fitted sheets for your mattress which will be a great investment for sleepers who wants to get extra comfort every night. 

    Commonly fitted sheet fabric needs to reflect the way you sleep  - if you feel cool so often you might need to consider polyester material. If you tend to sweat - opt for cooling breathable types such as percale or cotton. And if your skin is prone to allergies, pick the textile made from natural and ethically sourced types of fabrics such as linen or sateen. 

    If you don’t know where to buy fitted sheets only, we would welcome you to our website where you can find various options of sheets made from different fabrics and styles. We have great collections and sets of Percale or Sateen fitted sheets made with 100% premium long-staple cotton, and Linen Fitted Sheets weaved from 100% pure flax. The breathability of its natural fibers will keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Here you can find sheets in different sizes and styles. Thus, if you want to buy queen-size fitted sheets only we would recommend having precise dimensions of your bed and mattress.