Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers


    What is the Difference Between a Comforter and a Duvet Cover?

    The main difference between a comforter and a duvet cover is their functionality on your bed. A comforter is designed to be a decorative piece on your bed to add some aesthetics, whereas the duvet cover protects your blanket from dirt and bacteria. Therefore, you do not need to wash your heavy duvet every single time. Unlike a comforter, a duvet cover interacts more with your skin. That’s why you have to clean it more often, so you can easily remove and wash it.

    What is a duvet cover used for?

    Some people prefer to use a duvet cover as they are interchangeable. You can effortlessly brighten up your bedroom without having to buy a whole new comforter set. Your duvet insert  can be put inside a duvet cover but you need to double-check the sizing. It is recommended to wash your duvet cover regularly if you do not use any additional top layer on your bed to keep your beddings clean.  

    What is the Best Type of Duvet Cover to Buy?

    Cotton is the number one choice for duvet covers, and is an easy-to-maintain material that is comfortable and soft. A duvet cover made from the most natural synthetics, premium quality cotton would be the best type of material to buy, especially for those who have allergies or sensitive skin. Linen duvet covers woven from 100% pure flax with high thread count maximize resistance to bacteria and dust mites, so this type of fabric is everything you need for the most comfortable sleep. 

    Do you put a comforter in a duvet cover?

    The comforter comes separately, and it is ready to use once you buy it. It is not necessarily to buy any cover for your comforter.  However, you can add a duvet cover as a protective layer for your comforter to keep it clean and fresh if you wish. Some people buy them, just because it is easier to wash duvets covers instead of a large heavy comforter.