Comforters and Duvet Inserts

Comforters and Duvet Inserts


    Duvet Inserts

    Get your best comforters or duvet inserts to make your sleep special every night. You can find loads of different variations of affordable duvet inserts for your bed. Each product has specific functions and is made from different materials. 

    With plenty of options on the market, you have to make sure that you picked the right one for you. If you tend to sweat we would recommend checking collections with cooling duvet inserts which you can buy as a set or individually - find your ultimate chill or extra cozy bedding combo.

    We provide various options for different textiles and styles. So, for hot sleepers, we would recommend choosing linen or percale materials which can be the best duvet insert in the summertime. It will give you that extra cozied-up feeling - keep you at a comfy temperature all night long.

    If you feel that you need an extra warm cover, and you don’t prefer to sleep under a heavy comforter - check out our best sets of down duvet inserts. Consider affordable options with breathable textiles such as linen or percale from light duvet inserts to more weighted duvet covers. We have incredible collections of down alternative comforters. It’s available with both regular and lightweight fill weights.

    Camelot Linen provides a diverse range of different types of duvets and duvet inserts - from extra-fluffy duvets to cooling ones that won’t make you sweat.

    Linen Duvet Inserts are made from 100% flax and natural fiber that gives you a breathable and incredibly soft feel with superior comfort and coziness. You can also find more options for full-size duvet inserts depending on the dimensions you are looking for. Additionally, you can find thicker or thinner duvet inserts made from different fabrics. Think what effect you are expecting from your beddings. We would happy to help you to find the right one.