Breathable Linen

Breathable Linen


    Linen Bedding

    When it comes to the best bedding for your sleep, it is obviously linen. This naturally sourced type of fabric has incredible high-quality characteristics which suit well for every sleeper. The places where you going to buy linen bedding definitely will tell you about the numerous benefits of this type of fabric. Just because linen bedding is the softest and most durable, lightweight type of textile with loads of design-forward colour options. 

    Linen possesses unique properties as temperature-regulating bedding material - keeps you warm in the winter and cool in hot weather, which helps you sleep comfortably and deeply all night long. Moreover, the linen bedding could be a perfect addition to any style of your existing bedding essentials. You can always add an extra piece of natural textile to refresh your bed and make them look always fresh and crisp. And since the linen is extremely durable, it'll last for years and actually get softer over time. 

    If you are looking where to buy the best linen beddings we would highly recommend checking our exclusive collections of natural textiles - woven from 100% pure flax and ethically sourced, safe for your skin without any harmful and toxic components. All our linen beddings are certified by OEKO-TEX 100 standard label. 

    Cotton could be a good alternative to linen just because they are both natural and made from plant fibers, however, linen has longer fibres than cotton fibers and they are loosely woven. Also, the flax has hollow fibers which allow the air to circulate more freely. This factor makes linen more breathable than cotton. 

    Linen beddings are bacteria resistant, moisture absorbing and evaporating capabilities. Additionally, they suit perfectly people with skin that is prone to allergies and other diseases, and also for children and babies. And it’s a more affordable fabric compared to other natural fabrics such as wool or silk, however, linen is not in the category of cheap fabric and be ready to spend extra to get your best natural linen beddings.