Bathrobes - 45% OFF

Bathrobes - 45% OFF


    What Fabric is Used For Bathrobes?

    The most common fabric choice for bathrobes is Egyptian cotton terry and microfiber blend, - offering the utmost luxurious robe experience. This cotton composition provides excellent water absorption qualities along with a cosy, soft feel, and it makes them prone to shrinkage, making it necessary for them to undergo pre-shrinking treatment. However, some blends of cotton become even softer and fluffier over time.

    How Often Should You Wash a Bathrobe?

    The frequency of washing your bathrobe depends on how you wear them. It is very similar to towels, if you wear a bathrobe once you take a shower, it usually doesn't need to be washed after each use. Instead, we would recommend laundering your bathrobe once per month or every three weeks. It will keep your bath clothes clean and fresh. For better results, follow instructions from the care tag to keep your robe as new as you just buy it. 

    How to Wash a Bathrobe?

    As most bathrobes are made from high cotton content, you can wash them on a delicate 

    cycle with cold or warm water temperature using a mild liquid detergent. Then tumble-dry it on low heat, and add a few wool dryer balls to keep your rob soft and fluffy. For better results, 

    let the robe air out. Remove the sash of the bathrobe from the belt loops to prevent knotting and twisting.