What is OEKO-TEX 100 certification?

Modern society is becoming more environmentally conscious, especially if we talk about ethical clothing and fair production. That is why more and more companies adopt cleaner, more ethical, and socially conscious production practices. In this case, people demand more information about what they are wearing and sleeping on and how it was made. Nowadays, we can find more textile bedding brands certified with OEKO-TEX 100, and you must be curious about what it stands for and why it is important.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is one of the global labels for textiles tested for harmful substances for consumer safety. More precisely, Oeko-Tex is a world-known Association established in Switzerland and successfully operating since 1992. It now works in over 40 countries worldwide, and it goes beyond national and international requirements. 

What is OEKO-TEX 100 certified?

Basically, the Oeko-Tex takes into account a variety of harmful substances and the "cleanliness" of a finished product and its elements. Moreover, they are testing every component of textile products such as lining, zippers, buttons, and other accessories applied to the finished article that are separately tested for the same harmful substances and chemicals.

Therefore, when you are wearing a piece of clothing or using bed sheets for sleep, any harmful toxic elements can be absorbed into your body.

Whether baby’s clothing  or home textiles you are using: the having label of OEKO-TEX100 is a good sign of quality. So by purchasing products that have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, you guarantee the textiles you wear or sleep on are safe.

What Home Textiles does Oeko-Tex Certify?

Globally worldwide STANDARD 100 Association tests and certifies home textiles products and their components for harmful substances. Here we can talk about the most commonly-used articles certified by Oeko-Tex - bedding and home textiles, clothes and its accessories such as Oeko-Tex duvets, Oeko-Tex sheets or Oeko-Tex towels. Because you use them every day, it is so important to choose bedding sets with the confidence of high product safety for your family's health. 

Certified products give you more confidence in buying products with no threat to your health. For example, if you are looking for bedding sheets as a new parent, you most likely prefer Oeko-Tex-certified bedding sheets for your baby which are gentle and soft for the skin without any toxic components and will not contribute to any allergies or other respiratory issues. 

Likewise, if you purchase towels or duvets for yourself, you'd rather choose bedding textile without any harmful substances such as formaldehyde which makes the material look better because it is wrinkle-free and soft. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers use some toxic components to attract consumers with beautiful designs rather than high product safety factors. In fact, not every even high-quality product can be completely safe and non-harmful for your health.

What Are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product Classes?

As we mentioned before, the Standard Certification 100 encompasses numerous numbers of textile items and other raw materials. Generally speaking, every piece of product is not able to be tested according to the same criteria. Hence, Oeko-Tex categorized products into four classes based on its intended use.  

  • Product Class 1 is the most regulated and strictly-tested article group which combines products for babies and toddlers. This category requires special protection and control because baby skin is most sensitive. This product class carries additional requirements such as "colour bleeding" and saliva resistance.
  • Product Class 2  encompasses all products with skin contact, such as underwear, towels, socks and home textiles - bedding sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, bed linen, cotton sheets etc. 
  • Product Class 3 relates to minimal contact with the skin category of goods. This group covers outwear, jackets, coats, belts, hats or any other accessories.
  • Product Class 4 - all items of this group comprise different decoration materials. Articles of this group embrace curtains, tablecloths, rugs and other accessories used for furnishing purposes

Where to Shop for Oeko-Tex Certified Bedding?

There are plenty of stores which are offering beddings with different designs and quality goods for fairer prices and diverse options of textile, but not every one of these brands is certified by Oeko-Tex with the STANDARD 100 label. To help you tackle at-home sustainability, you'll definitely consider brands that have certified products. 

 For example, you can definitely find them at Camelot Linen with various options of design and fabrics. All bedding options they provide have a STANDARD 100 label which is free of bleaches and other harmful dyes. Moreover, the company stands for sustainability, and by buying bed sheets from Camelot Linen with a label certified by Oeko-Tex, you not only care about your safety but also about the environment. 

Camelot Linen's products are made from high-quality Breathable Linen fibres grown sustainably based on best ethical manufacturing practices. Whether you're looking for cozy soft flat sheets or any bed accessories, you'll uncover curated textiles of high-quality, Oeko-Tex certified options at Camelot Linen.

As we mentioned before, the excellent quality and high price are not the most crucial points to consider in-home bedding textile. Whether it's linen sheets or percale duvet cover, Camelot Linen will guide you to find the best Oeko-Tex-certified bedding for your home.

You'll find a wide range of children's bedding products at Camelot Linen, all of which meet all Oeko-Tex's safety requirements.

In honour of environmental protection, such eco-conscious brands are making our lives better and safer. 

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