The Top Sheet or Flat Sheet?

If you are still confused with a choice of top or flat sheets you should know that they are comparatively the same things. However, it could have different functions on your bed - go over the mattress and rest under the sleepers lying in bed. In most cases, the top sheets cover the person and underneath a blanket, a quilt or some other duvet covers.

Before deciding which type of bed sheets will work best for you, it is important to know a little about what a top sheet is used for and how to put a top sheet on your bed. It is helpful to know what a top sheet is if you even need one and what type of textile to pick for this purpose. 

Pros and Cons of Top Sheets

Basically, the top sheet is a piece of fabric tucked under the mattress to rest on its surface and make your sleep more comfortable and cozy. Some people use it as a cover as well in order to protect your blanket from dirt, sweat, and bacteria. The majority of people use it to keep their duvets clean and fresh just because it's easier to wash than the whole blanket. If you are considering a particular design, you should pay attention to the type of fabric for the bed top sheet which is a good match for your blanket.

Most people prefer to keep a few pieces of fabric on their bed - one for covering the mattress and another one for as a cover in order to provide supreme comfort in your home bedroom. As the use of top sheets grows in popularity, we will talk more about why they could become an essential part of your bedding set.


  • protects your mattress;
  • helps create a smooth sleeping covering;
  • easy to make your bed;
  • keeps your blanket clean more often;
  • maintains a comfortable temperature.


  • an extra piece of fabric on your bed;
  • additional expenses for extra sheet;
  • too many layers for restless sleepers.

Top Sheet Makes Your Bed Much Easier

As mentioned before, the top sheet is most likely placed between the person and the duvet and any other covers on your bed. Additionally, it works as a protective piece of fabric for your blanket, and you do not have to wash it too often.

Talking more about functionality on your bed, the top sheet is also a great alternative to sleeping under a heavy blanket in warmer climates. Using a top sheet in this way provides a breathable cover without moisture or trapping heat. Thus, in the summer months, the occupant can use it instead of a blanket, especially if you picked a breathable type of fabric such as linen or percale. 

That is why you can use the top sheet seasonally. From a broader perspective, this type of bed sheet is very practical to use, you can modify them with different fabrics and sizes to make difference in how comfortable and cozy it feels in your bed. Choosing the right design, colour balance and style will also add a new fresh look to your bedding. That is why some people decide to use Top Sheets as decorative pieces on their bed. In other words, it will add more consistency to your duvet to enhance the aesthetic elegance of the bedroom. 

Despite all advantages mentioned before, there are a few drawbacks which must be considered to avoid unnecessary purchases. For those who wash their bedding frequently, there is no point in keeping additional sheets on the bed when you can just easily use your comforter. Moreover, having an additional layer on your bed takes more time making your bed and keeping track of it. Another potential con of the top sheet is less mobility for restless sleepers who prefer more freedom of movement while they are laying under the blanket. Ditching your top sheet gives you more space and you no need to worry that your extra cover is sliding down. Finally, not everyone is willing to spend more money for an extra layer just because it comes together with a bedding set and you won’t use it. 

Doing so, there are lots of different fabrics available in the market such as linen, cotton or sateen. While you are considering which bed sheets are better for you, be aware that the type of fabric may actually have a significant impact on your quality of sleep. 

What Top sheet fabric to choose

  • Cotton sheets are the most popular type of fabric for bedding sets nowadays. And at the same time, it is an easily available bed sheet fabric in the market. If you can see 100% cotton on the label you can definitely be sure that it is a good option for you because it's soft and affordable for a comparatively good price. In order to get something more durable and soft, you should use Egyptian or Pima materials but the price could be higher as the quality is. For example, Egyptian cotton sheets are well-known as ultra-soft feel and smooth surface which has various benefits. The extra-long fibres add to the feel of the material and durability, thus, producing a stronger and better weave.

And despite the relatively high price, most people chose this type of textile because the quality is worth every penny.
Taking into account numerous selections, most bed linens are made from cotton. There is nothing better than breathable and lightweight material for great sleeping. A big variety of cotton styles and brands (from traditional linen to cotton-blend iteration)  gives you more options to choose from. First of all, your choice depends on preferences and purposes. There are many factors to take into consideration, many of which go beyond the conventional markers of colour, size, and thread count. 
  • Linen Top sheet is a perfect combination of breathable, durable and natural thermoregulating material which will provide warm, cuddly and cozy sleep.

Keep in mind that the choice of fabric depends on a number of factors such as climate, skin sensitivity, frequency of washing,  and other sleepers’ preferences.
For example, if you are looking for a bed sheet for use in a child's bedroom then you should consider hypoallergenic materials. If it is for a newborn then it has to be something moisture-wicking and breathable. In this case, linen sheets are the right choice of gentle and cool fabric, especially if we are talking about summertime. Linen is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it’s a great option if you are prone to skin irritation or allergies. Additionally, it gets softer after each laundering. However, there are some cons which have to be considered as well, such as the price and wrinkle-resistance. Consequently, if you prefer smooth and flat textures you should look toward sateen or silk materials. 
  • Sateen sheets would be an excellent choice for those who prefer silky smooth textures with extreme softness and smoothness. Basically, sateen sheets belong to elegant-looking covers with excellent drape and luminous sheen. 
In comparison to many other types of sheets, such as linen sheets or percale sheets, sateen sheets feel almost heavy. But for those who enjoy a warm, cuddly sleep, this added weight provides a wonderful feel. Plus, the unique weave makes sateen fabrics exceptionally wrinkle-resistant. 
All in all, Top sheets are more popular due to their low-maintenance style as well as simplicity of use. Lots of people choose Top or flat sheets since they're much less likely to get messed up during sleep. On the other hand, some like the look of flat top sheets or even use these rather than duvets throughout warmer months or just want to keep them clean and fresh in order to  give them a distinct hotel quality feel. Eventually, it boils down to individual preferences however Top sheets are fantastic for general usage and whenever efficiency plays a fundamental role in your personal conclusion.

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