How To Find The Right Pillow For You

Having great sleep every night has a crucial role in long-term health and well-being. Choosing the right bed essentials such as pillows and mattresses is one of the most important steps to maximising the quality of your sleep. 

There are many factors you should consider on the way to picking the best product for you. A massive assortment of different types of pillows on the market can be confusing and difficult to make a decision. 

Here we would like to guide how to find the right pillow for you taking into account your habits, position to sleep and other problems you might face with. 

What is the Best Type of Pillow for Different Sleepers Positions?

Before you start hunting for the right type of pillow, think about your sleeping position first. Be mindful, that choosing the wrong one can cause headaches, shoulder tension and even more health issues. To prevent this problem, test your body for the position you mostly prefer to stay in all night long. Here are some common positions you might belong to:

  • For a stomach sleeper pick a soft, fairly flat pillow
  • For the back sleeper chose the medium-thick pillow
  • For the side sleeper, a thick and firm pillow will be the best option
  • Mixed sleepers should consider a medium thick pillow that allows feeling comfortable in different positions.

Some people associate the right pillow with something fluffy and soft. However, the best pillow for you is the one that holds your neck, head and back neutrally aligned and supports your spine’s natural curvature. In short, make sure your pillow is keeping you in a healthy sleeping posture. 

Each sleeping position requires a different type of pillow. For example, for back sleepers preferably to chose a medium-loft and medium-level firmness pillow that will keep your neck and head in place and won’t allow your body to sink all the way down to the bed. Additionally, this type of pillow does a great job of relieving pressure on your head. In all, make sure that your pillow has enough support for your shoulders.

The Best Type of Pillow For Side and Stomach Sleepers

After we talked about back sleepers' needs, we should move forward with those who more often sleep on a side and require more support to their neck and head at this time. In this case, look for the pillow with a high thick loft and a firmer feel compared to stomach sleepers who need a thinner one. 

Back sleepers pillow

The best pillow for side sleepers must hold your neck and head aligned to maintain the right spinal position. A high loft pillow will help to relieve that pressure on your shoulder. Any fill of pillow from foam to down will suit for side sleepers as long as the pillow is thick enough the natural curvature of your spine. 

If you looking for the best type of pillow for back sleepers, we would recommend you to check our Medium Down Alternative Pillows with a downy feel and support for the cervical curve of the neck.

Stomach sleepers pillow

The best pillow for stomach sleepers should have a very low loft and a soft level of support which can make it easily compressed into a low loft which will help to relieve back pressure and neck pain. As a stomach sleeper, you should definitely consider pillows filled with feathers or down alternatives or just adjustable fills which you can always modify as much as you want. 

Moreover, we have a great option of Down Alternative Pillow which is perfect and will support neutral spine alignment and suit stomach sleepers. All our pillows were verified and tested by 

OEKO-TEK Standard labels, therefore, do not contain any chemicals or harmful toxins. 

Combo-Sleeping pillow

If you are considering yourself as a mixed or combo sleeper (tossing and turning overnight in bed), we would recommend having a medium-thickness pillow with adjustable fill to modify according to your position. Having removable fill will allow you to experiment more with loft and firmness. Find the right pillow which is lofty and compressible enough to support any position throughout the night. 

The Best Type of Pillow for Neck Pain

Many people ask questions about what the best type of pillow will be for neck pain and how to prevent it. We have some useful recommendations to help you with this. Experiencing neck issues is already a signal that you most likely using the wrong pillow. 

First of all, let’s talk about some reasons which can be a cause of it. Essentially, having a pillow that is too low or too high can cause pressure to build up as the neck tries to compensate for the lack of support. Make sure, that you pick a pillow that matches your sleeping position. 

Secondly, consider the pillow with particular fill and features. 

Here, we would advise checking memory foam pillows which are made of polyurethane, - adjustable with proper thickness. This type of pillow is recognised as an excellent option for sleepers who complain of problems with their neck. It will support your neck and posture at the right height to prevent unnecessary strain.

Furthermore, the right sleeping position can also help to reduce sore pain. Some experts advise using a side or back sleeping position while you feel neck pain. Sometimes stomach sleepers can experience unwanted pressure on the neck caused by a bent head at a sharp angle which arches its spine. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you should choose a pillow with a low loft to minimize pressure.

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