Best Thread Count For Sheets

Sometimes shopping for new bedding sheets is not an easy job, especially if you don’t know what the thread count is, the weave type and how it may impact the durability of the fabric. The choice of the right bedding sheets relies on many factors such as fabric strength, softness, type of textile and so on. First and most importantly, check for the thread count for sheets because the quality depends on it. If you have never faced this term before, we would be happy to help you find out what it means and what is the best thread count for sheets that you should consider. 

What is a Thread Count For Sheets?

The thread count is the number of yarns in one square inch of fabric, which indicates the softness and feel of the textile. Basically, it's a level of how tightly woven material is. In this case, the higher the thread count level, the better the quality of the fabric and it will become softer over time.  

There are a few factors you need to consider in order to choose the right sheets for your bed such as the reasonable number of threads for a particular type of fabric, fibers quality, construction and size yarn.

What is the Best Thread Count for Sheets?

Based on thread calculations, you can add together the quantity of their lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) with considering a particular area. For example, cotton with single-ply yarn sheets with 200 warp threads and 200 weft threads per square inch of material would have a listed thread count of 400. 

Thread count is identified as a significant sign of quality which is successfully used by loads of marketing companies that battle to calculate their tread counts high in order to provide increased price tag. 

Be careful of high thread count advertised by producers. Sometimes they can say about 1200 threads which are not really possible. They take into account each fiber, not just each thread where a single one equals four plies (fibers) which are twisted together. Essentially, producers often count one thread as four threads. For example, if you found a sheet with a 1000 thread count, it most likely means that the producer is talking about two-ply 500 thread count sheets.

Keep in mind that good quality sheets usually range from 180 to 400. Moreover, a sheet can qualify as a good, with a range from 200 to 800. In order to identify the best thread count for sheets of various cotton fabrics, we provided some basic ranges of them here: 

  • Percale Weave between 200 and up to 400
  • Egyptian Cotton from 300 to 400 CT qualified as good quality for sheets
  • Sateen Cotton Sheets range from 300 to 600
  • Bamboo Sheets from 300 to 500 thread count range

The only linens level of thread count is inherently low in comparison to cotton. The structure of linen is thick and it has a different fiber structure which makes this type of fabric soft and durable just with 80 to 140 counts of thread. 

Where to Find the Best Thread Count For Sheets?


If you are looking for the best thread count sheets, check out our website for top of the range  linens 170 gsm with an extremely lightweight type of garment which feels absolutely crisp and soft with natural breathability and moisture-wicking features. Despite their quite high price the performance of this type of beddings makes them a worthwhile investment for sleepers who wants to get bed sheets for years to come and experience this crisp feel every night. 

As we mentioned before, do not look for linen sheets with higher thread counts. Be ready to change your expectations somewhat depending on the material used. Some high thread counts are typically very similar in terms of feel and performance to high-quality fabrics with lower counts. 

We have exclusive collections of linens produced with a special stone washing technique that makes the material softer and lighter. These bedding sets of linens will be perfect for sleepers who love textiles that drape closely to the skin or those who prefer to stay cooler on hot nights. 

Percale & Sateen

If you are looking for other options for your bedding we would recommend considering some cotton sheets with thread counts ranging minimum from 200 and up to 800 and beyond. You can take a look for sateen bedding sheets with a true thread count of 400 and percale sheets with 250TC with traditional one yarn over and one under pattern also known as “plain weave”. The appearance of this percale sheet textile is flat with matte to semi-matte look. With its finer yarn and high thread count, the percale has a more natural lustre you can observe in the sheet.  By contrast, a sateen weave has a more tightly woven pattern with 400 counts of thread.

If you are confused with choice between these type of fabrics, pay attention to the structure of yarns of both materials: percale has grid-like weave that feels atlas and light, while sateen sheet has a satin weave pattern with very fine yarn that feels smooth and soft with twisted threads.

Jacquard Sateen Sheets

One more pleasant addition to your bed can be Jacquard Sateen Sheets with 400 thread count made from 100% premium materials certified by Oeko-Tex label standard, which we proudly marked as a high-quality product from the luxurious collection. The unique structure of these silky snow sheets combined with the texture of the jacquard and the silkiness of the satin. 

Our Jacquard Sateen Sheets are a good option for those who are looking for some unique remarkable elegance sets with a smooth and soft feel. Jacquard sheets are made with long staple cotton yarns, and they can be an excellent alternative to percale sheets as a unique piece of art on your bed at a completely reasonable price.

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