Best Cooling Sheets For Night Sweats

Before we talk about what the best sheets for the night will be more suitable for you, it is better to find out first why your body is sweating and how proper beddings can help to get great sleep while you are resting. There are plenty of underlying causes why you can feel uncomfortable on hot nights and many solutions to get rid of it by choosing the right type of cooling sheets for your body type. 

Why Nights Sweat Happen?

Night sweats can significantly impact the quality of your sleep, which is why it is important to understand why your body is sweating and what you can do about it. The most common reason could be just hot weather and in order to solve this problem, you need to pick the right type of cooling sheet for your sleep. Here is a few underlying factors which can cause your body to sweat:

  • Chronic sweating is a potential reason and could be a health issue which would be better to discuss with the doctor. The most common one is hyperhidrosis - a disorder which causes excessive sweating. Having this problem, makes people to wake up during the night and find it hard to fall asleep again. In this case, identifying the right cooling sheet would be a great solution for restless sleepers.
  • Side effects of certain medications: another problem people face with, is sweat from pills such as steroids, antidepressants or even fever-reducing medicine such as Aspirin. 
  • Menopausal women are a category of people who can suffer from constant sweating throughout the day and night. Hot flashes could cause of intense warmth that spreads across the whole body and face. In this case you should think about air temperature in the room where you are sleeping and the beddings which cover your body. 
  • Sleep disorders: anxiety could be another reason which affect your body's temperature and may cause of insomnia or desturbing sleep. Most likely, using the right cooling sheets would be a good idea, but here you should think about how to reduce your stress during the day as well. Before you make any decision, think about the main root cause of problem. 

How to Get Rid of Night Sweats

After identifying the main cause of your overheating, think about some simple steps you should take to fight against restless nights. 

There is a fact, that we sleep better in cooler temperatures. Maybe opening the window during the night or using air conditioner to regulate climate in your room, can completely solve your problem. Otherwise you should see your doctor and find out more about your health conditions if your sweating significantly impacts on the quality of your sleep. If you live in a hot climate, wear breathable clothes and take a shower to refresh your body before sleeping. All in all, we would recommend to you to think about your bedding textiles and find the best sheets for night sweats.

Best Moisture Wicking Sheets For Night Sweats

The same as you wear clothes for sleeping, your bedding can also impact heat regulation. In this case, natural fibres are the best such as cotton and linen, just because they are breathable with a looser-weave texture and they do not absorb the moisture such as body oils and sweat. Switching your textiles for moisture wicking sheets could be the best solution to reduce night sweats. 

Percale bedding sheets, with their tight weave and texture, will be more lightweight and cooler than sateen textiles, which have a looser three-over-one weave, which can feel more dense because of the way it’s woven. For both cooling and affordable sheets, you can definitely consider a percale-cotton combination. You can find incredible sets of breathable percale sheets on our website, which are organic, certified by OEKO-TEX 100 without any harmful pesticides, durable and sustainable from environment perspective. 

Also, natural bamboo sheets and other textiles made of eucalyptus fibers are very light, extremely breathable and have outstanding temperature-regulating properties.

Best sheets for heavy sweating

As we mentioned above, chronic sweating is a common problem people face a lot. In order to think about the best sheets for heavy sweating, we would recommend you choose linen or cotton sheets. Experts suggest that linen is more breathable and cooler than cotton, but you also have to admit it is often pricier than cotton and can feel a little rougher at first. 

Keep in mind that the best sheets for sweaty sleepers are made of natural fabric. Linen is the most popular cooling sheets nowadays. Everyone knows that this type of fabric is the best option for the hot and humid season, just because its structure has temperature-regulating properties. 

Moreover, Linen is number one to combat your sweaty nights just because it has the most essential cooling qualities:

  • Moisture-wicking structure without absorbing body oils and sweat
  • Breathable - doesn’t isolate the heat
  • Temperature-regulating to keep your body with optimal temperature
  • Natural fabrics
  • Hypoallergenic textiles

However, linen sheets are also a good option for the colder seasons because, unlike regular cotton sheets, they don't retain moisture and keep your body warm even when it's cold outside.

What are The Best Sheets For Menopause Night Sweats

If you have any symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and sleep problems, you must to take some steps to make this period easier. First of all, you should think about your beddings and choose the best sheets for menopause night sweats, just because the quality of your beddings are crucial in regulating your temperature when you sleep. 

In doing so, we would recommend you to choose natural breathable textures such as linen or cotton which are the perfect option for those who suffer from sweating at night. Another good alternative to linen could be breathable and stain-resistant bamboo fibre sheets. Their lightweight and cooling structure let you feel comfortable while you sleep even in the most sweaty hours. This type of bedding has excellent properties to absorb moisture and draw it away from your body leaving your skin comfortably fresh and dry. Similarly to linen, bamboo sheets have great thermoregulating abilities which keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

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